Melody Huttinger grew up with                                                                                  horses as her best friends. She learned to                                                                                      train them, tutored by her father, who                                                                                            rescued many so-called untrainable and                                                                                        neglected animals. Her family owned and                                                                                      operated  various riding stables throughout                                                                                  the years, providing inspiration for the background of the Arrow the Sky Horse series. Many of the characters in the story are drawn from the colorful collection of characters she met as a young dude wrangler.

From her family home in Northern Arizona, Melody

carried on the tradition of re-training Thoroughbreds

off the track and has owned and trained various other

breeds, including Arabians, Quarter Horses and

wild Mustangs.

                                                  As a child, Melody read every horse story available, but  at                                                    times became disappointed in the lack of knowledge                                                                that many of the authors displayed. She set out to write                                                         her own story depicting horses in a more realistic light.

Arrow the Sky Horse series, although partly fantasy, is

based on her own experiences growing up with a family

in the horse business. She hopes all readers, young and old,

will be entertained and enjoy the stories about the animals

so close to her heart.

About the author